Skye arrives at the Simmons estate in New York

Skye (given name in the orphanage, Mary Sue Poots). Skye hasn't revealed her past yet but all she knows that she came from the orphanage from a restricted file. Skye is very smart when comes to computer, mostly into hacking. She refers herself as a "hacktivist" of the group. Melinda May thought of her as a useless person in the group but after she sees her ability of hacking a system, she was really impressed.


Phil Coulson - father figure

Melinda May - mother figure, S.O.

Grant Ward - S.O., lover

Jemma Simmons - sister figure, best friend

Leo Fitz - brother figure, best friend

Harper Simmons - (little) sister figure, best friend

Gillian Ward - sister figure, best friend

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