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Welcome! This wikia is for the trending Wattpad story of ninjagayle27's, My Young Agent Life: The Beginning. In here, you can able to read all about the characters, about the chapters, check out photos and learn more about the book!

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She’s just a 14 year old typical girl who loves Biology and Computer, an attractive nerd and a wise smarty pants. Harper Simmons is an outstanding student and a smart girl in class but she appears to be a loner with no friends at all—they hated her. Harper is the younger sister of the genius biochemist Jemma Simmons, who currently works in a secret organization called SHIELD. One day, Jemma came to her sister’s school with her team leader, Agent Phil Coulson to recruit Harper as a Junior Agent.

Harper hasn’t gained the name “Agent” yet since she has to go through obstacles and challenges. Her school life is over, her life as a bully victim is over while her new “career” had just begun.

Can Harper handle it?

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