Jemma in a fancy occasion

Jemmalyn Ann Marie Simmons (formerly known as Jemma Simmons) is a biochemist who is working in a secret organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. since 2010. Jemma is the first child of Eva and Roger Simmons, born on the 11th September 1987 in England. She has a sister named Harper Simmons who is 12 years younger and 2 days old apart. Jemma spent her life in a luxuriously but she had to look simple but her fashion sense would define who she really is (Just like her sister which makes them both a fashion icon in the story).


Jemma used to have her straight hair rest on her shoulder or sometimes tied up in a neat ponytail. Sometimes, she would have her hair curled by Skye but she rather prefers with her natural hair.

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