Harper at 11 years old

Jeannine Harper Louise Simmons (formerly known as Harper Simmons) is born on September 13, 1999 in England. She is 12 years younger and 2 days older than her sister Jemma Simmons who was born on September 11, 1987; also in England. Harper was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and spent her whole life as a spoiled "princess" or "brat" due to her parents' wealthy life and career. Harper is the younger sister of the genius Biochemist, Dr. Jemma Simmons, 26 years old; who is working in a military organization called S.H.I.E.L.D..


Harper appears to have bronde (brown and blonde) hair but her original hair color is chocolate brown. Her hair’s orientation is wavy like her sister. She dyed it with blonde, a month before Coulson and Jemma claimed her in school. Harper is described to have stunning hazel eyes, fair skin and her adorable prominent cheekbones (Since she is quite chubby, her cheekbones aren't that revealed).

School LifeEdit

It appears that Harper's school hasn't been revealed but it is said that she studies in a private school worth 1 million dollars for her tuition fee. Harper's parents are the ones providing her school supplies and any other necessities for school purposes.


Harper is this type of girl who is enthusiastic, free-spirited, cheerful and energetic. She may spent her whole life as a spoiled child but she makes it simpler. She’s quite traumatized by her school memories since she gets bullied and hurt a lot which makes her sometimes emotionally fragile. Despite the bitterness she had gone through, Harper was able to move on. Since she is SHIELD’s Rookie Agent, she is being trained well for upcoming missions with her team.


1. Harper’s IQ is 105, average than a normal 14 year old (Since it’s originally 100). She is smart like her sister, Jemma Simmons. Her strengths are Biology, Computer, a bit of Geology and anything about Science. Plus, Harper loves playing electronics like Wii, PS3 and 4, Xbox 360 and more. She’s quite addicted in playing games but not that really much since she concentrates more on her studies. Harper had her piano lessons and Martial arts lessons too.

2. After the GAMI (Genetics and Morphology Inc.) incident on August, it changed Harper into a mutant, which was done by Professor David Johnson, a mad scientist who is jealous of SHIELD since they didn’t accept him (After he was caught by SHIELD and interrogated in the interrogation room, he ended up shooting himself with a gun). Her powers are (mentioned): Telekinesis and Telepathy.


1. Harper is born premature but when she grew up, she appears to be a healthy girl

2. She was named after the instrument her mother plays (Harp)

3. She really looks like Jemma a lot

4. She has a small mark on her right cheek

5. Harper loves Starbucks so much like her parents

6. She reads a lot of books

7. Can speak 5 different languages (Mandarin, Russian, Filipino, German and Arabic)

8. When she is with her sister, they are called Simmons squared and Simmons raised to two



Harper Simmons dancing01:04

Harper Simmons dancing

Harper dances in the studio with her teachers/friends

Miss Movin' On03:52

Miss Movin' On

Aubrey Miller (whose character is Harper Simmons) created a cover of Fifth Harmony's song, Miss Movin' On.

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